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Every school must have a set of values that frames their daily work in the classroom. In our case, these are summarized in an Ideology, which has featured input from parents, teachers and students for more than a century of teaching.

SEK International Institution, serving the common effort to improve the human being, is based on the following principles:

  • The students and their world are the measure of all life and teaching of the institution, which respects them as individuals, attends to their personal development and facilitates their fulfillment and happiness.
  • SEK International Institution educates in and for freedom. It accepts the challenge that this entails and the students’ responsibility for their own acts.
  • SEK International does not discriminate against any nationality, gender, race, ideology or religion.
  • SEK International raises awareness of solidarity and esteem of the students work as the primary factor for promoting people.
  • SEK International Institution, a human community, is open to any educational experience which is in line with its aims and goals.

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