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Psychosocial Effects of Drug Abuse in Adolescents
On Wednesday, Sept 5th the 11th and 12th grade students received an interesting talk given by Dr. Pamela Parada Fernández, expert in topics related to Clinical and Health Psychology (Cognitive stimulation, psycho-emotional support, neuropsychology), about the prevention of the consumption of substances.It is crucial, in early stages to know and deeply understand its effect, since it is a problem that produces great affectation in different areas of a teenager's life. This issue is of vital importance especially in ages between 12 and 21 years, in the ages that start with these substances, prevention is essential to be aware of how small decisions that may seem harmless end up affecting a decision as important as it may be the choice of a career or any aspect of a person's future. Therefore, prevention is basic, and acquiring knowledge is fundamental.Aspects involved with the consumption of substances were addressed and but also their influence on decision making at key stages for development.
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