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Complementary activities:

In the preparation of the curriculum or study programs, there are a series of objectives, especially those that most affect an educational individualization that are sometimes left out of the fundamental curriculum. These are important educational aspects that are not considered in the official academic programs.

The SEK International Institution wishes to make available to the student the necessary stimuli to respond to their complete training and takes care of the complementary programs to attend to the educational uniqueness of each student.

To respond to this need we have created different workshops that we will deal with throughout the course. In these workshops it is essential to collaborate with colleagues to reach the same goal, provide solutions to problems that arise, etc. In short, we want the students to collaborate to create their own knowledge and that this can be useful for their life outside the School, both socially and professionally.


International exchanges:

The SEK gives us the option of attending several international, cultural, sports and academic exchange programs, in which we have the possibility of continuing our studies in English or in other languages ​​and immersing ourselves in the culture of the country that receives us. .

Bilingual learning:

The SEK offers us a bilingual curriculum of academic excellence, which seeks the full development of our abilities, aligned with our expectations and life project.

Activities that enhance your talent:

Sports, artistic and intellectual activities, which manage to get us out of the academic day to day and help us develop other skills.

Technology program:

We have very good classrooms, laboratories, tools and teachers. This is how we acquire knowledge and prepare for the future.

Program to make you feel emotionally secure:

The School provides us with constant support to prevent and address situations that affect our emotions, personality, and personal and collective performance.

Parent Network Support:

At SEK, the voluntary participation of our parents in committees and activities is very important. This allows us to improve our school development and build a true educational community.

Balanced diet:

The College monitors our health and the care of each student and also the diets with professionals.

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