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The SEK International Institution, founded in 1892, is an educational organization that ranges from Early Childhood, Basic and Secondary Education courses, in its International Schools, to higher education levels, in its Universities.

All the Centers of the SEK International Institution are officially recognized in the countries where they are located, currently having more than 24 Schools in Spain, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Hungary, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, England, Mexico and the USA, as well as 2 Universities located in Chile and Ecuador and a Center for University Studies (IUNIT) in Madrid.

The SEK International School Educational Project defines the scope of the following concepts:

  1. Provide an education with a universal look towards the future, where we learn to learn, to be and to do from a multicultural perspective.
  2. Strengthen communication skills to turn them into tools for transformation and innovation.
  3. Make our educational community a living laboratory that offers a calm environment, where children can express themselves in different ways and feel safe physically and emotionally.

Form global citizens with their own life project.

English, technology and sustainability are the three elements that are a transversal part of the entire educational proposal, giving students the necessary skills to listen, analyze, understand and share ideas that are the engine of change.

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